Occhiali Licensed Opticians, Upper East Side, NYCAll eyewear is fabricated on the premises in our in-store laboratory.

We provide the latest technologies in lens design, including:

  • Digital Lens Technology - both single vision and multi-focal
  • High Index Lens Materials
  • Superior Anti-Reflective coatings - Crizal and Zeiss Dura Vision
  • Transitions Photochromic Lenses



Occhiali Optometry, Upper East Side, NYCOur doctor of optometry provides a comprehensive eye exam which includes refraction, dilation and glaucoma testing.

The doctor is available by appointment, please call 212 639-1188 for scheduling.

At Occhiali, we also fit and can supply all major brands of contact lenses including multi-focal, astigmatic and standard single vision lenses.

"Being a client on the Upper East Side has its advantages. There's a certain level of customer service that you don't find elsewhere." 

"The doctor spent a great deal of time figuring out my exact prescription, and fitted my contacts with unprecedented accuracy."

"Everyone there was kind, seemed genuinely nice and maintained a level of professionalism that I hadn't experienced before."

Brigitte T.