I have been wearing glasses for over 20 years, In that time I have gone to several stores to pick frames and get the prescribed lenses. For the most part, these experiences have been a struggle to get both great customer service from knowledgeable staff, and find a store with staff who knew how to service RIMLESS frames with PROGRESSIVE LENSES.

Occhiali is FABULOUS!

Both Ira the proprietor and Silvia are to be trusted with your business. And the Store’s interior design is comfortable and sophisticated. I am a very happy customer!

Beth S., New York, NY

Highly professional, high quality, strong commitment to customer service; Rare to find this combination of important qualities. Highly recommend!!

Steven Kessler, (Google Reviews)
They are professionals – they know what they are doing. They helped me choose a great pair of spectacles. I got the frame with the lenses the next day. It’s quite expensive overall and they don’t accept insurance. However, if you want a great quality spectacles, don’t want to waste your time going to several shops and are willing to spend, this is the place to go.
Nitish Gupta, Local Guide (Google Reviews)
This place is amazing. I had great service, and it’s such a nice alternative to a regular optical shop. When you walk in, there are no Eyeglasses displayed on the walls – so no endless browsing trying to find a pair of lenses that fit you. These people are experts, and they are able to take a look at your facial shape and coloring, and provide a custom pair of eyeglasses that’s a perfect fit for you. I had a rare optical prescription too, but they were able to have my eyeglasses for me in two days. Susan is amazing, and I highly recommend her. They only carry top shelf lenses in the latest styles. I plan to go back to them for my prescription sunglasses as well.
W. Matthew White, (Google Reviews)